Current Projects

Coming August 2019

Promo Pic _ Almost Maimed - Rebecca Kane.png

I’ve been cast in a brilliant new play, debuting this August at LadyFest 2019 and Rogue Theater Festival!

Almost Maimed by Rebecca Kane, directed by Taylor Thomson
In this gory parody, audiences experience modern love presented in ways they’ve never seen before, with body parts they’ve never expected they would see on stage. Between scenes featuring the most literal unhealthy attachments you’ve ever seen, those struggling with love will never feel more related to than they will sitting in the front row of Almost Maimed– and they might also feel a splatter or two.

LadyFest 2019
Aug 13th @ 9:30p
Aug 15th @ 7p
Tickets can be purchased here and are only $5!

Rogue Theater Festival
Aug 16th @ 9p $15
Tickets can be purchased here for $15!

In a crazy and cool turn of events, an amazing improv team I coached for a year or two asked me to join their team, so now, I’m excited to say: I’m gonna be playing with RSVP Ladyprov! These ladies are SMART, brave, generous, and hilarious, and it’s gonna be as much an honor to play with them as it’s been to coach them. Stay tuned for upcoming show dates!